we kick off the French ‚Blaxploitation' section with Jo Moutet's score for an obscure 70s softcore B-Movie. judged by the funny cover and the references to strawberries and pots the matter of subject here is obviously a French Sexploitation comedy. the music? hidden in between mostly lush and forgettable orchestral stuff you can find at least two classy Club tunes designed for the retro dancefloor: one is a wah-wah and conga driven Afro Groover with Manu DiBango-like tribal chants and the other a short, but great piece of sleazy Big Band Jazz Funk (think of ‚Apres Ski') played in a shuffle style of beat and featuring electric rhythm guitar, big drums and nervous, stinging horns. very rarely seen for sale in album format, occasionally the promo 7inch shows up, but unfortunately not with the good tracks. (Pathe 1974)




another french response to blaxploitation from cogenial Library maestros Jack Arel and Pierre Dutour that was used as the soundtrack for an obscure 70s TV series (which has obviously inspired the makers of the X-Files). the music is tight and hard big band funk, very brassy with plenty of flute breaks and guitar distortion. 'Tracking' was also released as 45 and LP under pseudonym Ted Atking and on Volume 9 in the Chappell Dance & Mood Music series. (Riviera 1974 / EP)




from the vaults of franco-canadian soundtracks comes the score to an obscure softcore movie called 'Apres Ski' (aka: Snowballin', Sex On Skies, Sex In The Snow) starring Celine Dion's Husband Rene Angelil. I did not happen to track the movie down, but jugded from the pictures inside the gatefold cover it must be big fun watching it. the music by Jacques Crevier is late 60s Big Band Jazz orchestration, sleazy, very funky with lots of furious breakbeatz and horny brass riffs. 'Le Grand Marc' grooves along in a hypnotic downtempo vibe and 'Le Doux Renard' is a Funk classic of its own played in a wild Jazz Beat style including some sqeezing saxophone, pounding bassline and a prototype hip-hop drum break in the middle. also noteworthy is 'La Course Endiablee', a short dramatic shuffle beat in typical Library style. (Trans Canada Int. 1971 / LP)




a classic Funk soundtrack taken from Jacques Tati's slapstick comedy about modern dependency on cars. electric guitar, organ, drums & fuzz bass explode into a furious mix of Chase Funk, Groove & Psychedelic Breakbeat. check out 'La Course D'Autos' & 'Theme La Route' for great examples of how to illustrate musically the aggressivness of daily trafic. (Something Else-London 1971/LP)




originally released on the french United Artists label as the score to the classic european adult movie by director Lasse Braun. the music is a crossover between Prog Rock, Funk and weird 70s Pop including the funky highlight 'Pamela's Passion', an instrumental Club Groover of the highest degree: starting off with a sleazy, downtempo backbeat soon weird guitar effects and even cow bells set in and are followed by a nasty saxophone solo. some fine Progressive moments can be also found on dreamy vocal tracks like 'Soft And Sensual', 'I'm Getting Off' and 'Turn Me On' credited to a female singer named Penelope Pumpkins (!) and getting better the more u listen to them. top recommendation with ultra cool front sleeve design! (United Artists 1974/ LP)






performed by wellknown french film music producer Bernard Gerard ('Le Crocodile Porte-Cle'), this little soundtrack EP has become a very collectable item due to 'Mechoui', a late 60s Jerk Groover with great fuzz guitar leads which was used in the movie to underscore a hip beach party scene. (Barclay 1967/EP)