in the early 70s master jazz drummer Klaus Weiss (also known for his joints with the Selected Sound label) started a studio project under the name of ‚Niagara' whereby he involved names like Ack Van Rooyen, wellknown electric piano player Christian Schulze and almost every leading percussionist from Germany, among them Udo Lindenberg (who later joined Doldinger's Passport and Emergency). having recorded three albums, of which ‚S.U.B.' was their 2nd for the United Artists label, ‚Niagara' soon gained high reputation in Europe's Krautrock and Progressive scene. compared to most of their compositions, which reflect their unique percussive style of blending African influenced rhythm patterns with Prog-Rock drumming, the title track S.U.B. –a 10 min excercise in wah-wah drenched instrumental Funk Rock- really stands out using an elaborated rock instrumentation: Klaus Weiss' cool piano play exchanges alternately with electric guitar moves and some decent horns (trumpet & sax) wailing deliriously on top of a trance-like funky backbeat consisting of hardedged drums, bass and wild congas. always reaching maximum effect when played loud, S.U.B. is a rich source for killer breaks and represents a magic moment in psychedelic, groovy German Krautrock. essential! (United Artists 1972/ LP)





French Progsters ‚Eden Rose' were a quartet of musicians consisting of legendary Jean-Pierre Alacren (responsible for the guitar licks on MP2000's ‚Supra Pop Impression'), Henri Garella (keyboards), Michel Jullien (drums) und Christian Clairefond (bass) and recorded only one album in 1969 for the Katema label before reincarnating as ‚Sandrose'. alongside with groups like Omega Plus, Cruciferius or Magma Eden Rose played a Proto Progressive sound that was significant for the innovative and experimental approach within the early 70s French Rock scene. musically influenced by Santana, Procul Harum or The Nice, the predominant stylistics is a colorful Symphonic Art-Rock with pronounced elements of Jazz-Fusion and some brilliant musical developements. pieces like ‚Travelling' (which also saw a 45 release), ‚Obsession', ‚Faster And Faster' and ‚Feeling In The Living' show the group excessively getting loose in a groovy uptempo mood with the excellent interplay between Garella's Brian Auger-like jazzy hammond and Alacren's electric guitar still remaining melodic and warm. to get a nice impression of this wonderful album just imagine a Jet Set Party somewhere in the French Riviera with hip folks shaking and drinking dry Martinis… highly recommended Euro Groove effort with the original album always reaching high collector's prices. (Katema 1970/LP)




1% Jazz, 99% Funk on this all killer, no filler effort from Swiss Jazz drummer Charly Antolini (whose solo drum albums have served many hifi freaks for speaker testing purposes), this is probably his most wanted release and was recorded on EMI Germany in 1972 showing up with a line up that reads like the who-is-who in German Jazz business. Antolini's clear drumming explodes in countless break situations and comes across your ears like a rock-drilling machine, loud and hard, interfering the ultra funky way either with Harry Winkler's lead guitar or the mighty keyboard of Eric Thoener, who also wrote most of the numbers (and has recorded ‚Nofretete's Headache' in an own piano funked up version for the Basf label) add to the mix Max Greger Jr's hammond organ , rolling basslines and a fat brass section in top form and you get an impression of the funky quality of this Euro Rare Groove diamond. one that cannot be recommended highly enough. tracklist include: ‚Atomic Drums', ‚Jumping', ‚Marabuena', ‚Nofretete's Headache', ‚Play It Loud', ‚Uela Uela' and ‚You Are My Inspiration'. (EMI 1972/LP)





from the late 60s Boogaloo/Psychedelic period here's a long unavailable session from US Detroit born master vibraphonist Dave Pike –who worked in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands between 68 and 73- that was originally released Dutch only in 1968 on the Rock label Relax Records. joined by Rob Franken on organ, Joop Scholten on guitar, Ruud Jacobs on e-bass and Louis deBy behind the drums, the group lays down 12 irresistible psychy Jazz Funk tunes ranging from original compositions (‚Bacon Fat', ‚Middle Earth Herd') to instrumental cover versions of hits from James Brown (‚Got The Feelin'), Sam & Dave (‚You Got It Made') and The Classics (‚Spooky'). a good feel album from first to last note showing the band in great form: Pike's supergroovy vibes perfectly harmonize with Franken's hammond play, crisp drums, funky bass and some cracky wah-wah lashings provide a tough rhythm beat that is consistent throughout the entire LP. highly collectable Dutch Rare Groove! (Relax 1969/LP)




former bass player with German Krautrockers ‚Nine Day's Wonder' Michael Bundt released in 1977 this sci-fi based experimental album that has become saught after for the nearly 10 minute long Synth Funk epic ‚The Brain Of Oskar Panizza'. call it spaced-out Krautrock or Psychedelic Ambient or Hard House or Electro Prog Funk– it definetly rocks in a freaky abstract way and stays in mind! using only mini-moog, drums and synthisizer Bundt produces keyboard driven, trance-like electronic soundscapes with in between mixed moments of live atmopsphere. miles ahead of its time and a mindblowing trip of a tune! (Asylum 1977/LP)




masterminded by crazy frenchman Jean Pierre Massiera, ‘Les Maledictus Sound' were to Progressive Rock 'what Frankenstein was to Science'. call their selftitled debut album Psychedelic Exotica! Freakbeat Gogo! Progressive Lounge! Spage Age Pop! Horror Funk Screamadelia! or freaky Eazy Listening Rock!, it is one of those vinyl artifacts falling into the category ‘cool and strange music' recorded obviously in a hallucinatory state of mind. among the groovy late 60s material you can find fuzzy guitars, squeaky moog, huge drums, strings and all kind of strange vocal weirdness. prepare yourself for some really weird electronic horror effects and synth distorted voices on the tough-as-nails opener and Dusty Fingers compiled ‘Kriminal Theme', a delirius mix of funky French vibes and best Italian Library sound! originally released 1968 in Canada on Canusa Records as well as in France on Disc AZ with an absolutely amazing monster themed drawing front ! (Disc AZ 1968/LP)