in the early 70s JJ Robert and JM Guise composed the soundtracks for two french softcore flicks, 'Avortement Clandestin' and 'Caroline Mannequin Nu'. the backsleeve points out in white 'High Tension' and 'Love Call' (referred to as 'Erotic Songs') indicating they were used as background illustration music in those films. both are fabulous french sexploitation jerks backed with excessive female moaning. piano, saxophone, hammond, drums, bass & fuzz guitar blend into an incredible intense mix of Groovy Pop, Psychedelic Jazz and weird waltzy beats. the programatic titles of #14 in the legendary Montparnasse catalouge exemplify the steamy psychedelic heat the music emerges from: 'Vision Pop', 'Evatorium', 'Erotic Night', 'Delerius Pop' & 'Thousand Galaxies' are full of psychotic as well as dreamy vibes. on the front sleeve lots of nice definitions in french can be found on 'Delerius Music': 'Improvisation Pop'! 'Atmosphere de Night-Club a Harlem'! 'Nuit Erotique'! 'Evocation En Jerk'! (Mp2000-14 1970/LP)




from the vaults of french Library Label PSI comes one of Claude Vasori's finest moments (along with with his 'Raggers' album on Sylvester): 'Ionic Scrabble' from 1974 features 18 short illustration tracks for TV, Radio and Film subtitled with 'Cycliques, Rhythmiques, Lancinants ... Des Mouvements Perpetuels, Des Sons Inhabituels'. the rhythm structure consisting of bass and drums only is repetitive on all numbers (just like the circles and squares on the Pop Art styled front sleeve) and supported with a minimalistic usage of piano, guitar or synth effects. the result is pretty psychedelic and spaced out instrumental music full of breaks, loops and spooky beats with some tunes breezy like the best Stereo-lab in that hip 60s way and some designed for incidental suspense underscore. among the many tracks 'Shafting' needs to be highlighted here for its ultra cool wah-wah madness. strangely progressive, it's hard to imagine this was issued only as a Library record. (PSI 1974)




in the 70s the ORF Big Band was an assemblance of local Jazz musicians producing and recording background music for Austrian TV. with changing musical supervision (incl. bandleaders like Johannes Fehring, Karel Krautgartner, Erich Kleinschuster and Ernst Kugler) the official broadcasting Jazz Orchestra released several Library LPs, among them this trifolder album, which is even in Vienna hard to get by. the orchestration is skillfully arranged, very groovy and ranges from Jazz, Latin, Easy Listening to Funky Beat. a magic studio session this must have been kicking off with a beautiful saxophone-led 9 min version of Jimmy Heath's 'Angel Man'. 'Lonely Nights' and 'Rhythm Rocket' have a great latinesque Big Band Beat, but things really start getting dirty on 'Safari': a soundtrack stylish, wah-wah driven Club Killer with uptempo conga beat, loads of cool flutes and over-the-top psychedelic hammond riffs. not enough, even some seriously funky Sexploitation sounds can be found on 'Feelin It': performed by unknown female singer Stefanie, it starts with some oriental flute intro, and then turns into a sleazy erotic R&B shouter backed by a super-funky rhythm section. both tracks are uncompiled little diamonds making this album one of the holy grails of Austrian Rare Groove. very limited pressing that was distributed as a promotional record only. (no label, 197x/LP)







originally released on the Italian Monte Carlo label in 1973, this Library treasure by soundtrack composer Giuliano Sorgini is one of the heaviest and darkest Psychedelic Funk sessions ever laid down on wax. on the sidelong midtempo groover ‚Under Pompelmo' with its earcatching theme trippy hammond moves exchange for more than 16 (!) minutes with sleazy improvisation on fuzz guitar only interrupted by a drum break in the middle. piano / organ, electric guitar, bass and drums are also the winning ingredients on the B-Side tracks, of which some have been released on italian Psychobeat compilations: ‚Echoes From Canyon' even features psychy harpischord and some scary female scat vocals, while ‚To Rebound', ‚Wandering Man' & ‚London Transport' continue the progressive funkiness. an amazing recording with no weak moment! there's an slightly easier to get hold of french release on Sonimage showing a close up of an old London bus engine cover. (Monte Carlo & Sonimage 1973)



british library aces John Fiddy, Clive Hicks and Terry Cox serve up top Library Funk on this 1976 recording on the very collectable Peer International Label. some incredible deep, lucid Progressive Funk going on here: loads of hard-edged guitar licks and cool synth effects can be found on tracks like 'Lame Duck', 'Just Crusin’ and 'Strange Dream'. flutes, hard drumming, crisp basslines and psychedelic moog blend into more abstract Trip Hop Funk on 'Slight Hitch' and 'Cooler', which starts with spacey downbeats and over the top wailing flute, but then turns suddenly into a frantic electric guitar breakdown. (Peer International 1976/LP)





a very rewarding recording from the archives of the Studio G label with lots of high quality Psych Funk going on on the consistently strong A Side: 'Blood Sweat', 'Shafty', 'Pepper & Soul' or 'Downtown Otis' sound just like a british rework of 'Fritz The Cat', totally positive & groovy Big Band Beat full of horny guitar riffs and catchy brass-led melodies that can't get out of your ear. one of my alltime favorite UK Librarys, easily standing comparison with some of the best KPM issues! (Studio G 197x/ LP)